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AIRSHIP - KickStarter Banner by PrinceBrian AIRSHIP - KickStarter Banner by PrinceBrian
A good friend of mine is running a KickStarter campaign in which he is trying to open up a restaurant in the Atlanta, GA area that mainly caters to Table-top gaming and RPG players (a place to hang-out and play your favorite games while enjoying good food and drinks).  

He contracted me to do the banner for the campaign and I ended up having more fun that I intended on this project.  I haven't been coloring anything with environment lately, but I had been studying different ways on doing so through comics and animation backgrounds.  I'd say the studying paid off :)

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"Airship : Tabletop Tavern (Atlanta)
- What will your story be?

Airship : Tabletop Tavern is an uncompromising tavern for board game, social deception game, tabletop RPG, and card game enthusiasts - it's designed with those gamers in mind. It's a place that feels like leather and wood with big glass mugs, great food, and new friends.

This is the kind of place we wish existed. So we're making it.

We're dedicated to a few ideas.

- a fun environment to meet new friends, low lantern light, the feel of wood and leather, and a culture of acceptance and greeting.

- broad high quality table tops for a variety of games, comfortable chairs and couches that will want to make you hang out for hours.

- huge selection of board games, books, and minis.

- separated, but not isolated, nooks for serious gaming, sound absorbing walls without a closed door, so you feel connected to the room without the need to shout at each other.

- events and support for cosplayers, artists, and enthusiasts, ranging from geek art exhibitions to craft nights and more. 

- paying our full time servers and staff a living wage.

- a great, accessible location.

- owlbears.

One feature to the Airship : Tabletop Tavern that we are excited about is our in-house campaign system and story worlds for a variety of RPGs, where our favorite DMs can run stories, and new players can even try an RPG for the first time."

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